MAY 4-11

Calling ALL alumni from Cal Maritime, Maine Maritime, and Mass Maritime.  It is that time again when we come together for a little friendly competition and camaraderie.

This year our theme is #PowerOfParticipation. The Maritime Challenge is a true illustration of the power of participation and the impact made by the giving of many.  Every gift is important and helps your school.  Show your pride for your alma mater through the Maritime Alumni Participation Challenge and help your school achieve the highest percentage of participation among your fellow alumni.

Each school has identified an area or areas of much-needed support at this time. Click on your school’s link below and learn more about the impact of your gift.

As alumni you are familiar with the ol’ saying, “All hands on deck”… meaning EVERYONE IS NEEDED!


from California Maritime Academy   4,258

1.47% participation (75 Alumni)


 from Maine Maritime Academy  7,482

7.19% participation (538 Alumni)


from Massachusetts Maritime Academy 9,212

1.45% participation (134 Alumni)

Challenge your classmates to join you “On Deck!” Honor someone… a family member, classmate, frontline responder, etc and challenge someone (or a few someones) else to make a gift to your school or one of the other four schools.  Consider making a video letting everyone know who you are honoring and challenging and posting it on social media. If you do not want to do a video, consider a post on social media or an email to those you are challenging.

Your impact begins HERE!  Remember #PowerOfParticipation

Give online, by check, or by phone.  All gifts are tax-deductible.  Pledges only count when fulfilled before the end of the challenge. All gifts made by alumni count no matter the designation.

The Maritime Alumni Participation Challenge is based on the percentage of participation, so make a gift now! Support Your School for the Win!

Totals will be updated every morning  so make sure to check back in and encourage your friends to make gifts to propel your school to victory. 

Show your power and school spirit by PARTICIPATING!